Vertical Vent Systems

When was the last time you sunk your teeth into a juicy steak or hamburger and your tastebuds danced a jig? What is all time favorite restaurant to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays at?  Everyone loves a restaurant where the food arrives quickly and the atmosphere is clean and you can relax with your friends and family’s presence without worrying if the food was made sanitarily.

The way to sustain a kitchens healthy atmosphere is through reliable and professional hood cleaning on a scheduled basis. Depending on what type of kitchen and restaurant you are taking pride and joy in running, and what delectable varieties of food you cook daily to satisfy your consumer, will make the difference on how often you get your vertical vents and other vent and hood systems cleaned thoroughly and serviced to make sure things are running smoothly.

Hood Cleaners are the unsung heroes that make your favorite restaurant stop go round. They must be trained in how to properly and efficiently clean your kitchen and how the different types of hoods and vents work. Without the specific training, hood cleaners could miss a crucial error that a vent is making with pumping out the bad air and letting the good air in. Make sure your hood cleaner is certified and knows how to clean and maintain vertically placed vents in your immaculate commercial kitchen based business so your kitchen atmosphere and environment will work as smoothly and be as healthy and sanitary as possible.

Are you wondering about vertically placed vents in a restaurant kitchen? Let me inform you of the wonders and the efficiency they will provide for your awesome business. When you place a vertical vent in your kitchen to vent out the toxic greasy air and to let clean air reside in your kitchen, you are doing yourself and your employees a service. Don’t think that all vents must be horizontal. That is a big fat myth. Installing some vent vertically where horizontal ones wouldn’t fit give your restaurant’s kitchen better airflow and create a cleaner place of work for not only you and your employees but your consumer.

Keeping a commercial kitchen clean and sanitary is such an important role to keep your business running smoothly and without hiccups. If the environment that you create for your chef and assistants is grease free and clean, they will not get sick as much and be able to have a better job experience and you will not have to train as many people so often. Don’t be stingy with your money when it comes to cleaning your kitchen and keep it well ventilated. Place vertical vents where horizontal ones won’t fit, and keep your kitchen on a professional hood cleaner’s schedule for your hoods, ducts, and vents to be cleaned on a regular basis.


Creating a clean place for your employees to work will come full circle into giving your customers a better and great experience at your restaurant. Let’s be responsible business owners and keep a clean and ventilated kitchen because that is what the makes the world go round.