Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

The kitchen is a very important part of any structure. That’s why there are lots of appliances in it and you install the best kitchen exhaust system you can afford. You should know however, that no matter how new your exhaust system is today, it will still get dirty over time especially with your cooking processes involved.

You can clean the external portion of your kitchen hoods along with the kitchen surfaces as part of your daily cleaning process. However, for the more complex kitchen exhaust system, you need professionals for the job. You need to be compliant of a certain regulation called the NFPA-96 Standard. This standard calls for compliance for all commercial kitchen operators.

Benefits of clean kitchen hoods

  • Reduced risk of kitchen fires
  • Incorporated as a standard part of overall maintenance plan
  • Improved ventilation for smoke and odour removal
  • Compliance with fire and health codes requiring kitchen exhaust cleaning
  • Comfortable working environment for kitchen staff
  • Lower insurance premiums offered by some insurance companies

Hiring a kitchen hood cleaning company is quite easy because there are a lot of them nowadays. You just need the right people to do the job. NFPA-96 Standard requires them to be properly qualified and licensed. Since your kitchen exhaust system needs a thorough cleaning down to “bare metal”, it is best to hire professionals. Remember that a clean kitchen exhaust system creates a more comfortable cooking environment for the people inside it. It will also minimize the risk of fire hazard which is extremely dangerous for everybody.


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