Hood Cleaning Can Keep You in Business

Hood Cleaning Can Keep You in Business

A food business can be your regular source of income and it can also be a great investment for some. Many businessmen try to venture in the food industry because chances of earning big are high. Why? All people have to eat at least three times a day. The only room for competition is what type of cuisine you serve and how well you prepare your dishes.

However, not only the type of food you serve and the quality of service you give to your customers can be the basis of success of your food business. These can be considered as small steps. You also need to consider small things. For example, would you believe that a well maintained kitchen hood cleaning can actually contribute in the success of your business?

Let me tell you how.


Complying with proper hood cleaning is not only mandated by the law (NFPA-96 Standard), but it can also play a major role in the success of your restaurant business.

  1. A well-cleaned kitchen hood can reduce or minimize fire hazard.

All commercial kitchens have installed hoods to prevent grease, smoke and odors from spreading in the kitchen. While it is true to its job of preventing grease build up, these unsavory elements sometimes stick to the top of the kitchen hoods going to the fans, ducts, hoods and vents. You know that a grease build-up over time can be a cause of fire. However, if your kitchen hood is regularly inspected and cleaned, chances of fire is low.


  1. A well-cleaned kitchen hood helps improve air circulation.

Cleaning your hood helps in improving the air ventilation inside the kitchen. If your kitchen hood is clogged with grease, and other unwanted particles, it might even affect the quality of the food you serve due to high presence of carbon monoxide in the area. A well-cleaned kitchen hood helps in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning. It also creates a more comfortable working environment for your staff.


  1. A well-cleaned kitchen hood contributes in energy efficiency.

In relation to the previous argument, a well-cleaned hood also helps in saving energy. Since it improves the air circulation inside the kitchen, it also increases the efficiency and performance of your equipment. In a businessman’s point of view, more efficient kitchen equipment means more production at lower costs. In the long run, you will be saving on your energy bills and maintenance costs as well.


  1. A well-cleaned kitchen hood is in compliance of governing standards.

NFPA-96 Standard has the detailed guidelines on the proper maintenance of the whole kitchen exhaust system. It is mandated by this standard to have a regular inspection of the cleaning done in your exhaust system. Failure in meeting these guidelines can cost you a lot of time and money, or worse, you can be put out of business.

Kitchens are held to a high standard of cleanliness for the benefit of those who work and dine in the restaurant. Always keep in mind that sometimes in business, the small things may matter more. Having your kitchen hood cleaned regularly will benefit you in the long run and will keep you in business.


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