How Important is Certified and Insured Hood Cleaning

Regular kitchen hood cleaning is a necessity for any commercial kitchen operator. NFPA-96 Standard strictly requires all restaurant operators to comply with kitchen exhaust system cleaning. This regulation provides the minimum fire safety standards related to the design, installation, operation, inspection and maintenance of all public and private cooking operations. The regulation also states that only qualified and licensed people are allowed for this kind of job.

Benefits of a clean kitchen exhaust system

  • Reducing fire hazard

Primarily, this can be the main reason behind the cleaning process. As stated earlier, grease accumulation can cause a restaurant fire. Grease can easily ignite in solid, liquid or vapour form. Having a regular clean-up of your kitchen exhaust system can help reduce the risk of a fire hazard.

  • Maintain proper air flow inside the kitchen

Having an improved air flow inside the kitchen creates a cooler working environment for you and your kitchen staff. It helps in reducing odours and excess smoke caused by grease and oils. Excessive cooking can cause high presence of carbon monoxide in your kitchen which can cause poisoning.

  • Extends the life of the kitchen exhaust fans

Regular inspection and cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system will make your exhaust fans last longer. It will also help the fans to maximize their performance in terms of exhausting odours and other smoke inside the kitchen.

  • Compliance with NFPA-96 Standard

Inspectors usually ask for certificates issued by professional cleaning experts as proof of your compliance with the existing standard. Failure to comply with the standard can be bad for your business standing.

  • Compliance with state and local health codes and regulations

Aside from the fire safety standard stated in NFPA-96, you also have to comply with your local health codes and regulations. Clean air is important inside your whole kitchen for the benefit of your employees.

Why do you need to a certified and insured kitchen hood cleaning operator?

  1. To make sure you are dealing with professionals

Your chosen kitchen hood cleaning company should be certified and insured to be sure that whom you are dealing with are professionals. If they passed the exam to qualify as a kitchen hood cleaning company, that means they are knowledgeable enough for the job.


  1. To maintain compliance with NFPA-96 Standard

Certified kitchen hood cleaning companies are knowledgeable enough of the governing standard. They know where the areas that needed cleaning are located, and the quality of cleanliness that your kitchen exhaust system needs. Professional kitchen hood cleaning companies need to have sufficient knowledge in order to help their clients maintain compliance with the standard.


  1. To acquire certification as proof of compliance

After thorough cleaning, your kitchen hood cleaning company will give you a certification which you can use to show that you are compliant with NFPA-96 Standard. Most reputable hood cleaning companies will also recommend further actions to areas that needed more attention.


  1. To ensure proper and thorough cleaning

The standard requires cleaning down to “bare metal”. A certified kitchen hood cleaning company knows the definition of this. You cannot clean your kitchen hoods by yourself because you do not know the areas that need proper cleaning. Hiring a certified cleaning company will give you the peace of mind that your kitchen hoods are well-cleaned and maintained.


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