What Causes Restaurant Fires?

A restaurant fire is the worst thing that can happen to any food establishment. They say that it is quite better to be stolen of some things than your property being burned to ashes. Well, this is quite true. You can always buy the things that you lost but it will take some time to build an entire establishment again. Also, the amount of investment money involved is high. Thus, the safety of your employees and your investment should be your immediate priority. Learning the causes of restaurant fires can help you avoid them in the future.

Studies conducted in the United States show that one out of three fires is a restaurant fire. This is because restaurants have all the necessary factors for a fire to start. With its heavy cooking processes, all the deep fryers and heating equipment involved the electrical wirings and the flammable materials that can be found inside it, restaurant fire hazard is high.

The National Fire Protection Association pointed out some of the reasons for a restaurant fire. These are based on the data they gathered from a certain period of years. These are helpful to have knowledge on restaurant fires and how you can prevent them.

  1. Cooking equipment

According to NFPA, from 2010-2014, approximately 61% of restaurant fires in America are caused primarily by cooking- with cooking equipment as the main cause. It makes sense that cooking equipment results in the most number of fires and property damage for restaurants since it is a constant source of heat and fuel throughout the working day.

  1. Electrical distribution and lighting equipment

Frayed electrical cords or faulty equipment are more likely to spark and cause an electrical fire inside your restaurant.

Some of the electrical hazards which can cause a restaurant fire include the following:

  • Worn electrical cords
  • Damaged extension cords
  • Faulty wiring
  • Damaged receptacles
  • Ungrounded outlets
  • Faulty electrical appliances

It is important to check your electrical wirings with a professional to ensure safety and compliance in building codes.

  1. Heating equipment

Deep fryers deal with hot oil and grease more than any other piece of cooking equipment. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your heating equipment are helpful to prevent misuse which can lead to a restaurant fire. It is also important to note here that your kitchen exhaust systems should also be properly cleaned to avoid clogs in your kitchen hoods.

  1. Smoking materials

Fires caused by cigarettes account for 1,000 deaths in the U.S every year. Most restaurant fires are started by embers igniting on furniture and trash cans. It can be prevented by proper staff training. Always inform your kitchen staff not to smoke on areas which have highly-flammable materials.

  1. Arson

Arson or the intentional burning of the restaurant is the last factor for a restaurant fire. With its minimal contribution in a restaurant fire, this activity is also hazardous. It is responsible for 5% of the restaurant fires and if not prevented, many innocent lives will also suffer.



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