Why is Grease the Enemy of Profits in Restaurants?

Clean hood Exhaust

Kitchen restaurants are always busy due to the tremendous amounts of cooking process involved. While the chef is doing all the cooking, your kitchen appliances are also working hard doing their specific functions. Over time, your kitchen hoods are affected because of grease build-up. A grease build-up is an indication that your kitchen hoods are already dirty and in need of immediate cleaning. A high presence of grease inside your kitchen can cause a kitchen fire. It can ignite in whatever form. There are three contributing factors that must be present in order for a fire to start. These are heat, oxygen or air, and fuel. Removing one or more factors can avoid fire. You cannot remove the heat since it is the primary source of your cooking, nor you cannot suppress air. The only thing you can do is to suppress grease from accumulating and building up in your kitchen hoods.

How does grease accumulate in your kitchen hoods?

Commercial kitchens create varying levels of grease exhaust depending on the type of food they cook. Solid fuel cooking, grills, wok cooking and high volume fryer operations all create a greater volume of grease exhaust. Even low volume cooking operations will also have to deal with traces of oil, grease and dirt accumulating over time on the surface of ventilation ducts.

Highly flammable creosote build-up from solid-fuel cooking such as a wood burning pizza oven can create a hazardous situation when combined with other grease deposits. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) the combination of grease and creosote in exhaust ducts can be easier to ignite than creosote alone and can burn even hotter.

Even if you use the proper hood filters, a certain amount of grease will definitely find its way in. During cooking, fats, oils and greases become vaporized and are drawn up to your exhaust system.

What does grease do to your kitchen hoods?

With continuous cooking in your kitchen, grease can clog your kitchen hoods. A high build-up of grease can impose risk of fire hazard. Also, air is trapped inside the kitchen. It cannot circulate properly because the kitchen hoods which are supposedly pulling away the smoke and odours are clogged. It will also give you a hot environment which is not comfortable for kitchen work. Carbon monoxide is also present which can affect the foods you serve. High presence of this gas can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If your kitchen hoods are clogged with grease, it can also affect your customers. No one would like to eat in a restaurant with an unpleasant ambience and smell. A customer wants to eat at a restaurant where the food is prepared in a safe manner.

Grease is an enemy of profit for your food business because if not removed right away, it can cause a restaurant fire. A restaurant fire can be devastating because it can lead to loss of property and worse, loss of lives.


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