Why Vent Hoods are Important for Restaurants

Why Vent Hoods are Important for Restaurants

A range hood or vent hood is sometimes the largely overlooked appliance in commercial kitchens like restaurants. But although least appreciated, in reality it is one of the most valuable assets in a kitchen. Aside from providing a substantial filtering support for your stove or cook top, a range hood is designed to remove odors, heat and smoke that can occur when cooking in the kitchen. Restaurant owners make sure to invest in a good quality range hood to maximize the benefits it can give to them.

Below are some of the reasons why a range hood is a necessary appliance in food businesses such as restaurants.


To further understand the importance of this particular kitchen appliance, let’s try to define first the meaning of a range hood. A range hood is basically a device containing a fan that hangs above the stove or cook top. It is also commonly known as a vent hood or an exhaust hood. As mentioned earlier, it is designed to remove gases and odors in the kitchen.

Many vent hoods have filtration systems that exhaust the air to the outside environment while some vent hoods circulate the air back to the kitchen.


  1. A range hood contributes to a more clean air in the kitchen.

Notably the most important role of a range hood is to remove any unwanted gas and odors in the kitchen. When cooking or preparing for a meal, other people might end up dealing with the smoke and the odor that comes with it. With the help of a range hood, it drives away any unwanted particles in the air.

On another note, a range hood is good in cutting down the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a gas that has potential health dangers in humans. Some studies conducted revealed that kitchens with no vent hoods have elevated levels of carbon monoxide than those kitchens that have vent hoods installed.

  1. A range hood makes your cooking more comfortable.

A range hood can contribute to a clean and comfortable cooking environment. Cooking produces heat so sometimes it is uncomfortable dealing with all the smokes around the kitchen.

A good quality range hood can make the life of a chef easier and all the other kitchen personnel. It will give them the freedom to explore more and be creative with their cooking style. When you’re comfortable in your working environment, you will be motivated to perform better.

  1. A range hood makes kitchen cleaning easier.

Cooking sometimes leave excessive moisture in the air and it is also a factor for grease build up which is sometimes hard to remove. Having a range hood prevents those things and makes your cleaning a little bit easier.

  1. A range hood provides better kitchen lighting.

An additional good feature of a range hood is the additional lighting it provides. This feature will be most beneficial to the chef because he can see well if he is preparing the dish in the right manner. Same goes when cleaning, a person can see much better and can clean all the areas in the cook top thus preventing the build-up of grease in the kitchen.

  1. A range hood is a good kitchen investment

This can come in handy if you want to re-sell your restaurant. A restaurant with a range hood installed has a higher market value than a restaurant with none. For this reason, a range hood is considered a luxury in every restaurant.

These are just some of the wonderful benefits of having a range hood installed in your restaurant. Having a good quality range hood can make a food business last because of the benefits and comfort it can give to the kitchen employees and to the employer as well.

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